Anonymous asked:

Could you pretty please keep the colored plaga leon and put on your personal I love that one :(

amyelizart Answer:

I decided to not delete this page, its pretty much just going to be an archive for old stuff now :3

don’t worry its not going anywhere <3

Since a few of you asked, here’s the link to my personal.
I haven’t posted any personal art yet but will be soon 
//considering i have the day off today and am ding some watercolor stuff :D //
&&thankyou guys so much for liking my stuff<3

Sorry I’ve been so inactive on here lately, I see that I have a couple of asks and will get to them soon :3
Been fairly buy trying to find a new job since i quit mine and working on my needle pointing business 

heyy, sorry i haven’t been very active on here lately guys, been running around a work a lot along with family things. Just saw I had a request and I will get to it as soon as I can 


tarantulatoes asked:

yo honestly make a store for your needlepoint/embroidery stuff. i'd so buy those antlers and/or that vanna one. amazing work here in general, though!

amyelizart Answer:

!! Thank you so much slowxdive , I’ve been debating on making and Etsy shop for it I have a bunch more I’ve working on 
Most likely going to post up a sideblog for all my needlepoint too just not sure what to call it yet. 
But yes I’m looking into selling things soon :D